A Storage Shed is Not Just for Storing your Junk

“Step one is to determine what you will be storing or how you plan to use your shed.”

A storage shed come in many sizes, styles and materials. Need a playhouse for your kids, a workshop for your hobby, or a getaway for yourself? The options are nearly endless. (see some great pictures of sheds)

If your garage organization project is finished and you still need a little extra room, or you have things you don’t want to store in the garage, it may be time to buy or build your own shed.

Shed Designs: How to Choose

With so many styles, colors, sizes and materials, how do you choose? Here are a few options:

Metal Storage Sheds: Until recent years, this was the most common option in shed design. With aluminum or galvanized steel construction and baked on enamel finishes, metal sheds are long lasting and virtually maintenance free. The first two sheds I built were metal and one is still standing today, more than 30 years later! Learn more…

Vinyl or Plastic Storage Sheds: Another nearly maintenance free option, plastic and vinyl sheds are tough, easy to assemble nearly unaffected by weather. Rubbermaid outdoor storage sheds are probably the most common.

Wooden Sheds: From small barns and garages to cute playhouses and studios, wooden sheds can be built or bought to match nearly any house or setting. For the do it yourselfer, there are literally thousands of shed building plans available for immediate download from the internet. If you don’t want to start from scratch, there are many shed kits available for purchase.

Where do you start?

With so many potential uses, the key is to buy or build a storage shed, studio or playhouse that is big enough for your needs. Step one is to determine what you will be storing or how you plan to use your shed. Here are a few thoughts:

  • Garden Sheds – You might be storing a riding lawn mower, rototiller or garden tools. You may also want your own potting shed or greenhouse.
  • Basic Storage – You could store holiday decorations, seasonal clothing or craft supplies, overflow from the garage (if you really NEED to keep what you are storying!).
  • Hobby or Craft Shed – If you need space for woodworking, crafts or hobbies, you should plan to have room for a workbench or table.
  • Playhouse – If you have children (or you feel like a big kid), you can convert a small barn or garden shed into the perfect playhouse.
  • Studio, Man (or woman) Room, or Getaway – Let your creativity flow and add the perfect space to disengage from the world or re-engage with your passion, like writing, collecting, painting, etc.

Shed Sizing Tips

To save you a lot of aggravation and heartache, take everything you know you want to store in your outdoor shed and arrange it on the driveway or lawn to see how much space is needed. This will allow you to visualize the space before you build it.

If your plans include a workbench or work table, put that in the imaginary space, too. If you don’t yet own the table, workbench or any other items you will be storing, use rope, string, tape or spare lumber to mark the space on the ground.

Two more things to remember: First, leave room to move around inside when all your stuff is parked there. Second, be sure your shed has a high enough ceiling to accommodate taller stuff, and you!

How to Buy a Storage Shed

From wooden sheds to metal storage sheds, Rubbermaid sheds and garden shed kits, you can buy nearly any style or type of shed online. You can also find a fairly complete lineup of options at local retailers and big box store. Visit The Betty Mills Company for a huge selection in all shapes, sizes and colors.

If you find that you need a little extra storage space, but not as much as a full-sized shed would provide, check this in-depth discussion on the Rubbermaid horizontal storage shed.

Accessories for your Storage Shed

Once your new shed is up and ready, you may want to add shelving, a workbench, a lawnmower ramp, hooks, hangers, etc. Discover a large selection of shed accessories at The Betty Mills Company. Click on “Accessories” in the left hand navigation.

How to Build a Storage Shed

If you are planning to build a shed, step one is to check with your local building authority to see what restrictions they may have on your project. Where I live, you must have a building permit for any structure that is 100 square feet or larger (10′ X 10′, for example).

Once you know the regulatory guidelines, you can start shopping for shed building plans, or hunting for free shed plans. Follow this link for a more complete discussion on how to build a shed.

Suncast Storage Shed
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