Storage Shed: Do You Really Need One? Take Care of What You Have!

by Skip Easterbrooks
(Boring, Oregon)

Do you really need a storage shed? We have converted our two car garage into a two bay mini storage and, unfortunately, my story is probably the same O’ – same O’ for many of us.

No, we didn’t make any structural changes in our garage; we just can’t get our cars out of the weather into the protective garage because it is full of junk. Before running out and buying or building a storage shed, we need a paradigm shift, a garage organization project and a major purge.

As you probably know, we are in our version of the depression of decades past. In many cases, our personal choice has been to avoid the need for savings and buy everything we “need” (want) now, spending today’s dollars AND future dollars to get it.

This story is not about financial counseling, but the recognition that things they are a changing. We could talk about the current change toward savings and the fear of losing it all, but how about a discussion on taking better care of what we have. How about cleaning and organizing the garage we already have so we can park the car we already have inside and avoid the “need” to buy more stuff because we can’t find what we already have.

The days of buying two or three of every tool in the world just because we need that many to find one we can use should be fast coming to an end. Not to mention, this would be a better lesson for our kids, teaching them how to take care of and enjoy what they already have rather than how to buy, buy, buy, regardless of the consequences.

So what does this have to do with your garage, yourstorage shed, potting shed, garden shed or tent, for that matter? I’m of the notion that to really accomplish anything, you need, in many cases, to make a mental shift, a paradigm shift, so to speak, and you need to devise a great action plan.

Apply the principal of vacuum. If you are holding a full cup, you can’t put anything else in it. Like the cup, when our lives are so full of activities and stuff, we can’t put anything else in, especially things we WANT to put in.

We need to get rid of some of what we have so we can have some of what we want (like time or peace of mind, for example). This also makes it easier to find and use those items that are really beneficial to our lives.

So there you have it. Get a plan, get a pickup, get to cleaning your garage and get moving. Of course, if you want to turn your two car garage into a three car garage or add a new storage shed to your yard, plan it out and make it operationally efficient. Come on, get a plan. Get a move-on.

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