Stairs prevent two cars from fitting

by Tom
(San Antonio, TX, USA)


Our 2-car garage has 4 ft wide stairs in front of the second stall. My car won’t fit by 2 ft. The stairs prevent two cars from fitting. Is it possible to extend out the front with the doors? I imagine this would be quite costly. Any suggestions?


Hi Tom,
That’s a great question and I have a couple of ideas, but a picture, a drawing or a description would really help. Hopefully, you will check back and you can post a picture or answer a few questions to give me a better idea of the layout.

1. How big is your 2 car garage, i.e., how wide and how deep?
2. How are the stairs laid out? In other words, is the stair case parallel to the front wall (and the car bumper) or perpendicular (so you would come off the stairs straight into the bumper)?
2. Where do the stairs lead? I am asking to see if there is a way to reconfigure the stairs.
3. This might seem silly (or obvious), but will the other car fit in the bay with stairs?
4. How is the front of your garage designed? In other words, is it a gable end with the peak of the roof centered over the garage doors? Is it located on the first floor of a 2 story house? Or, is it some other design?

If it is possible for you to post a picture of the garage, that would really help. Otherwise, give me some feedback on the questions and let’s see if I or another reader can help.

If you don’t want to post a real picture, you could even draw something on a napkin (so to speak – regular paper might be easier), then take a picture of the drawing and post that. I am just trying to get a feel for the garage design, the interior layout and location of the stairs, as well as the garage dimensions.

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All the best!

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