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“Raynor offers numerous types of garage doors to meet a variety of needs
in terms of style, design and protection.”

Raynor Garage DoorsRaynor Garage Doors is one of the stalwarts of the industry, with a long history of innovation, dedication and quality products. There are many manufacturers from which to choose if you are in the market for new garage doors. What makes this company different? Why might you consider Raynor for your needs?

Raynor Garage Doors – History

In 1944, Raynor Manufacturing Company first got its start. It was founded by Ray Neisewander and Bill Norberg, the former a skilled woodworker and the latter a steel fabricator.

Together, Ray and Bill combined their skills to produce some of the highest quality steel and wooden garage doors in the industry. The company was formed in Quincy, Illinois, but soon moved to larger quarters in Dixon, Illinois, to accommodate the growing demand for their products.

Numerous innovations mark the path of Raynor Garage Doors. The company showed its commitment to keeping their prices low by introducing their own shipping fleet in the 1960s. This allowed the manufacturer to reduce costs overall, passing those savings along to their customers without sacrificing quality.

Today, Raynor offers numerous types of garage doors to meet a variety of needs in terms of style, design and protection. These include aluminum, steel and wood (carriage house garage doors), as well as windloaded doors for areas with high winds and hurricane activity.

Raynor StyleView Aluminum Garage Doors

Raynor Garage Doors offers an innovative aluminum-framed garage door selection called StyleView. This nearly mainteance free garage door is available in narrow, wide and custom profiles (the width of the rail and stile or framework) to suit home designs from comtemporary to traditional.

Depending on the type of aluminum door you choose, thare are numerous window options, including tempered and insulated glass. With more than 180 available colors to match the color and design of your home, you are likely to find one you like.

The StyleView line features lightweight construction, durability and a maintenance-free exterior. For those seeking quality and convenience in a good looking package, StyleView garage doors are good options. Learn more about aluminum garage doors.

Raynor Steel Garage Doors

Raynor offers a full line of residential steel garage doors, combining innovative style and design with the strength of steel. From the budget-friendly Buildmark line, with insulated and non-insulated models, to the Raynor Innovations series of doors with insulating R-values as hight as 18, Raynor has an extensive line of steel doors.

Styling your steel garage door can include embossed wood grain, raised panel designs, traditional flat-panel designs and carriage house style doors. Numerous window and trim options are also available. Learn more about steel garage doorsand insulated garage doors.

Raynor Wooden Garage Doors

More and more homeowners are finding the beauty and resilience of modern wooden garage doors very appealing. Raynor Garage Doors offers a line of carriage house doors that will add beauty and functionality to your home.

Raynor wooden carriage house doors are manufactured to look like old-style swinging, folding or sliding doors, adding considerable character and charm to a home, but with the convenience of a sectional roll-up door or a solid swing-up door.

From Raynor’s entry-level StreamWood line, which includes mortise and tenon joinery and hardwood dowels, to the hand-crafted American Rivers line, the wood line goes deep and uses high quality wood materials to complement your home. Learn more about wooden garage doors.

Raynor Windloaded Garage Doors

Raynor’s windloaded garage doors are available in many styles to complement your home. For those living in coastal areas, hurricane zones or regions with high wind potential, windloaded doors are strongly recommended and may be required by local building codes.

Depending on your taste and style requirements, both steel and wooden garage doors are available in windloaded models. Removable hurricane posts add strength and stability to some models, and wind speed ratings go as high as 150 MPH (see Raynor’s windload chart for more details).


Raynor Garage Doors
Raynor’s American Rivers line of Wooden Garage Doors includes the
Savannah design that looks like an old-style bi-fold door.

Raynor Garage Doors – Safety & Warranty

Safety is important no matter which garage door manufacturer you choose. Raynor takes safety seriously and offers its own patented system to limit finger injuries called the Raynor Finger Protection System. Doors are designed in such a way that fingers are gently pushed from the joints between garage door sections so they are not caught and pinched. This particular safety feature is offered exclusively on Raynor’s Innovations Series garage doors.

Raynor Garage Doors offers their customers a variety of warranty levels, depending on the type of garage door purchased. However, nearly every garage door model carries a 3 year limited warranty on the door panels and the hardware and springs, provided the door is installed by a professional, authorized Raynor Dealer. Check with your individual dealer for more details.

Raynor Garage Door Openers

Raynor offers a line of high-quality garage door openers manufactured by Chamberlain. These come in several grades, including premium, deluxe, standard and economy models, and use chains, belts and screw drive technology for worry-free operation. Raynor even offers Chamberlain’s Jackshaft style wall-mounted garage door openers for those with space limitations or custom door and track configurations.

Here are a few of the more popular Raynor models available:

Raynor Ultra 3/4 Horsepower Heavy-Duty Chain Drive Garage Door Opener – A powerful 3/4 HP motor, rugged chain drive, full complement of accessories and a lifetime motor and 5 year parts warranty make this a solid choice.

Raynor Admiral 3/4 HP DC Powered Belt Drive Garage Door Opener – A good choice for those with living space above or adjacent to their home, this quiet belt-drive model offers plenty of power, including EverCharge® Raynor Standby Power. A nice set of included accessories includes keyless entry and a Mini Safety Signal™ remote control. Warranties include lifetime on the motor, 5 years on parts and 1 year on the EverCharge system.

Raynor Corporal 1/2 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener – This economy model offers solid performance for most 1 and 2-car garage doors. Keyless entry and a Mini Safety Signal™ remote control are also included, as well as a 4 year motor warranty and 1 year parts warranty.

All Raynor garage door openers are dealer installed, which suits many homeowners. For more information, explore the full line of Raynor garage openers.

If you are the do-it-yourself type, check the Chamberlain garage door openers page for comparable models. You may also want to visit our garage door opener reviewspage to help with your decison.

Choosing a Garage Door Opener

Some garage doors are lightweight, like fiberglass doors and aluminum garage doors without insulation. Some, on the other hand, are quite heavy, like carriage house garage doors and solid wooden doors. Choose the best garage door openermodel for door type.

One of the worst things you can do is buy an underpowered opener that is not suitable for your garage door. You might save $100 in the short run, but you will likely be unhappy in the long run.

You should also consider the purpose and location of your garage before deciding on an opener. If you have an attached garage with living space above or adjacent to the garage, you might want to consider a quiet belt drive garage door opener. If your garage is detached or is not under or adjacent to living space, a strong and dependable chain drive overhead garage door opener may be the perfect choice.Screw drive automatic garage door openers are also very dependable and reasonably quiet. Do your homework before making a decision.

Raynor Garage Doors – A Solid Choice

For dealer installed garage doors and garage door openers, Raynor represents a solid and trusted choice in the industry. With an extensive dealer network through the United States, you will likely find a dealer near you.

From aluminum-framed StyleView garage doors in 180 colors to traditional carriage house garage doors, insulated steel garage doors and windloaded doors for high wind areas, Raynor has something for everyone. One call to a Raynor dealer can take care of your garage door repair needs as well as new garage door and gargae door opener installations.

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