Overhead Door Corporation Professionally Installed Belt, Chain and Screw Drive Garage Door Openers

“Residential garage door openers and a full line of
garage doors are sold exclusively through a network of more than 400 distributors.”

The Overhead Door Corporation is not quite as well known to consumers as the Genie® brand name, but the Genie Company is actually owned by Overhead Door. Since 2009, the company has seen growth and expansion through aquisition and new, innovative design.

In December 2009, Wayne-Dalton was acquired by the company, making it “the largest manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of residential and commercial overhead doors and operators in the North American market.”

The entire line of garage door openers has been re-created or re-designed, with many models now utilizing quiet, capable DC motors. With up to 1 HP DC motors (horsepower roughly equivalent to an AC motor), these new models can easily handle the largest and heaviest residential garage doors.

Overhead Door Corporation History

In 1921 the Overhead Door Corporation invented the very first upward-lifting garage door, and followed in 1926 with first electric overhead garage door opener. C.G. Johnson, the inventor, founded the Company that remains a leader in the garage door business after more than 80 years.

Today, the Company operates 19 US and UK-based manufacturing facilities and is focused on providing integrated door and operator systems to the residential, industrial and commercial markets. Residential garage door openers and a full line of garage doors are sold exclusively through a network of more than 400 distributors.

While the Overhead brand is sold only through professional garage door dealers, Genie, made famous by its development of the screw drive garage door opener, sells a wide selection of openers to both the do-it-yourself and professionally installed markets.

Popular Features

Some of the most popular features of the line of garage door openers are:

  • DualDrive™ belt system for belt drive garage door openers
  • Heavy-duty DC motors for strong, quiet lifting
  • Variable speed motors for soft start and stop
  • CodeDodger® rolling code technology
  • Mini Remote Controller with Key Chain
  • HomeLink®compatible
  • OverDrive® screw drive garage door openers that open twice as fast
  • Flush mount designs for direct-to-ceiling installation
  • Full line of openers for every application

Garage Door Opener Models (see Side-by-Side Comparison of models)

Screw Drive Garage Door Opener Models

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Models

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Models

*The HPc designation means horsepower comparable. HP ratings indicate these DC garage door opener models have a lifting force comparable to an AC powered opener with the same HP designation.

LiftMaster 3850 Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
Phantom® Belt Drive with 1/2 HP DC Motor from
Overhead Door Corporation

One notable feature of this brand is their integrated design and manufacturing approach to garage doors and garage door openers. By designing and making both doors and openers, the company is focused on developing products that work well together.

As an example, if they were to design a new, heavy carriage house door, or another style in their wooden garage door line, they could also pair the proper garage door opener with their new door design to work perfectly with each other. This is not to say other garage door opener manufacturers don’t have the perfect match for every garage door. It simply means the integrated approach does have some advantages.

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