Martin Garage Doors Residential Steel and Wooden Garage Doors

“Martin doors come in a variety of lines and styles for the residential market,
including steel garage doors and wooden garage doors.”

Martin Steel Garage DoorsMartin Garage Doors are among the best and most popular brands of garage doors available in the United States. Martin Door Manufacturing is one of the longest running such garage door manufacturing companies in the world, having started in business in 1936.

Based in South Salt Lake City, Utah, with another factory outlet in Las Vegas, the company now supplies garage doors to more than 80 countries all over the world.

Martin Garage Doors – Many Options

Martin manufactures for the commercial sector but also makes garage doors for the residential market, including an extensive line of steel garage doors as well as copper and aluminum garage doors. Styles, particularly in the steel line, are many and varied, with numerous raised panel designs and a multitude of colors.

Woodline is one of the original garage door designs, a steel door with raised panels to look like wood, and continues to be very popular well into the new century. Ranch adds a rustic touch and Athena has glass panels (which can be tinted, frosted, or tempered). Martin also offers insulated garage doors for all the various styles, including insulated glass panels on the Athena style door.

Martin Garage Doors – Warranty

Almost all Martin garage doors come with a lifetime warranty, which includes all springs and other hardware. One of the few styles that does not come with a lifetime warranty is the Montana; however, this line still offers a generous 12 year warranty.

Martin Garage Doors – Safety

Martin prides themselves on safety. All of their garage doors feature a Controlled Descent Device (CDD), which is an anti-drop safety feature with a lifetime guarantee.

The CDD keeps a garage door from free-falling due to factors such as aging, broken or weak springs, or even a broken lift cable. This Controlled Descent Device is currently unique to Martin garage doors and is now being offered as a kit for older garage doors.

Martin Wooden Garage Doors
Martin’s Woodline offers a variety of Custom and
Semi-Custom wood-like Steel Garage Doors

Additional Martin Safety Features

Martin offers additional safety features including the Comprehensive Fingershield System and the Safety Spring System. The Comprehensive Fingershield System offers curve shields, hemmed rolled edges, roller shields, safety hinges, section joints, track mounts and a reduced hole size to prevent fingers becoming entrapped and possibly being crushed, dislocated or even amputated by the garage door.

The Safety Spring System features lock-on bottom brackets, a lock-on side bearing plate, a lock-on side spring and even conceals the lift cables. Concealed lift cables are designed to prevent any failure of the garage door from resulting in the explosive release of the spring torque, which could result in serious injury or even death. No other garage door manufacturer in the U.S. offers this level of safety measures.

As a result, no less than six of Martin’s designs – the Woodline, the Ranch, the Camelot, the Hi-Tensil, the Flushline and the Carriage House have been approved for a listing by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL), which assures customers of the high level of safety given by the doors. Martin is the only garage door manufacturer in the world to have both a UL listing and IS09001 registration as a testament to the safety of their products.

Garage Door Openers for your Martin Door

Martin also supplies garage door openers which are CE and UL listed for safety. Martin’s Digital Intelligence System and Photo Eyes monitor the speed necessary to open and close the garage door and can even detect if an obstacle is in the way of the door and reverse the process as a precaution. Martin garage door openers come in various types, all of which feature warranties that range from ten years to lifetime, and are quieter than many other openers on the market.

Martin garage door openers are manufactured by a company based in Germany but known as Marantec America. Marantec makes a small number of garage door opener models with German engineering and a focus on strong, quiet operation.

Martin only offers 4 models of the “better” and “best” variety, all of which are DC powered and steel-reinforced belt drive. Before deciding on a brand or model, do a little homework to be certain you are buying the best garage door opener for your door.

Some garage doors are lightweight, like fiberglass doors and aluminum garage doors without insulation. Some, on the other hand, are quite heavy, like carriage house garage doors and solid wooden doors. Choose the best garage door openermodel for door type.

One of the worst things you can do is buy an underpowered opener that is not suitable for your garage door. You might save $100 in the short run, but you will likely be unhappy in the long run.

You should also consider the purpose and location of your garage before deciding on an opener. If you have an attached garage with living space above or adjacent to the garage, you might want to consider a quiet belt drive garage door opener. If your garage is detached or is not under or adjacent to living space, a strong and dependable chain drive overhead garage door opener may be the perfect choice.Screw drive automatic garage door openers are also very dependable and reasonably quiet. Although Martin does not offer all of these garage opener types, you should still do your homework before making a decision.

Martin also offers a number of optional features such as wireless, keyless entry keypads, extra garage door remotes for other members of the family, etc. Learn more about Martin garage door openers or visit our garage door opener reviewspage to help with your decison.


Marting garage doors are certainly some of the safest and highest quality garage doors manufactured in the U.S. Learn more about Martin garage doors.

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