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Gladiator storage products include cabinets, worktables, tool cabinets,
wall hanging systems and components and even a garage refrigerator…

Whirlpool’s new Gladiator Garageworks garage product line is a welcome addition to the marketplace. Customers are well aware of Whirlpool’s quality design and construction and they won’t be disappointed with the company’s foray into the garage product market.

Gladiator Garage storage products include cabinets, worktables, tool cabinets, wall hanging systems and components and even a garage refrigerator that all work together to create a customized garage storage solution for any size space, any budget and any need. Creating a garage storage solution that works for you is made a good deal simpler with this line.

Gladiator Garage Storage
Gladiator GarageWorks GAGB272DRG Premier Modular GearBox

Gladiator Garage Cabinets

Gladiator garage cabinets are constructed of heavy-gauge steel, with the line’s signature Tread-Safe pattern on drawer facings and cabinet doors. They come in a wide variety of sizes and styles for both base cabinets and wall hanging cabinets, which are attached using the Gladiator Wall System.

Pieces in the Gladiator Garageworks line are all modular, allowing you to work with your available space to make the most of every inch.

VersaTop work surfaces are optional for creating workspace on the base modules. The cabinets come in either the Premier Series, which is fully assembled, or the Ready-to-Assemble Series.

Gladiator’s Wall Storage Components

The Gladiator garage storage line also includes some nifty components to help homeowners make the most of their available and often unused wall space. Organization experts always advise using your available vertical space to increase floor space and get the most storage area from your home.

Gladiator Garage Cabinets
Gladiator GarageWorks
Modular Cabinets

This can be especially helpful in the garage, where floor space is often at a premium, but wall space is abundant. Although Gladiator Garageworks does not offer overhead garage storage products, it is a great place for extra storage if you have the room.

The line’s baskets, bins, caddies and hooks are made to store everything from bicycles to screws. These storage helpers are a great way to organize like items in certain areas of the garage, such as sports equipment, gardening tools or project supplies.

They’re especially convenient for those who like to have designated areas or activity centers for storage or hobbies. There are caddies and holders for golf clubs, balls, tools and pretty much anything else you may want to need to store or use in the garage.

Gladiator Refrigerator

Many homeowners who need more refrigerated storage opt for a garage refrigerator. Usually, they use a secondhand refrigerator or one they’ve replaced indoors. While these options are workable, they are less efficient than a refrigerator that was designed for garage use.

The Gladiator refrigerator is specifically designed to work efficiently in the extreme temperatures common in most garages, so they save homeowners a good deal of money on their electric bills. Most refrigerators must work much harder to maintain proper temperature in a hot garage and that extra work adds up quickly.

The Gladiator refrigerator is 19 cubic feet, a nice size for extra storage. It comes in a sleek, stainless steel finish that will blend right in with the Gladiator garage cabinets and other storage products, creating a finished, custom look.


With the Gladiator garage storage line, it’s easy to work within your budget to create an efficient, good looking and well organized garage space. Remember, you first need to developer your overall garage organization plan and then choose the tools and garage storage solutions to help you implement the plan. Gladiator Garageworks is an excellent piece of the puzzle.

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