Genie TriloG 1200 3/4 HP Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

“Modern DC powered garage door openers have many advantages over AC powered
models, and the TriloG 1200 is no exception.”

Genie TriloG 1200
TriloG 1200 – 3/4 HP Screw
Drive Garage Door Opener

The Genie TriloG 1200 is a 3/4 HP DC powered screw drive garage door opener. Its modern DC power plant and Genie safety and security features make the TriloG 1200 a very good choice among professionally installed quiet garage door openers.

Among several new Genie professionally installed models, the TriloG 1200 uses a 140 Volt DC powered motor to lift most heavy solid wooden garage doors and carriage house doors with ease. Better still, this powerful DC model is fast, opening your garage door at a swift 10 inches per second as compared with the typical 7 to 8 inches per second for most models.

NOTE: If you want the top-of-the-line 1 HP model, consider the Genie TriloG 1500.

Modern DC powered Genie garage door openers have many advantages over their AC powered counterparts. Here are a few of the benefits of owning the TriloG 1200 or a comparable DC powered model:

Soft Start and Stop – DC power allows the motor to slow down when the garage door reaches the top and bottom of its opening and closing cycle. This “soft start and stop” feature makes for a quiet garage door opener and limits long-term wear and tear due to the jarring action at the beginning and end of the cycle.

GenieSense™ Constant Monitoring – The DC motor and Genie’s new “GenieSense™” diagnostic system monitors garage door movement throughout the opening and closing cycle. Consequently, wear and tear is reduced and safety is improved.

If the garage door encounters a person or object in its path, the DC motor will stop and reverse. This safety feature is in addition to the Safe-T-Beam® infrared garage door sensors standard on this and most other garage door opener models.

More Efficient – DC motors use less energy to do their job. Due to their infrequent use, garage door openers are not known for being energy hogs. However, it is nice to know your DC powered garage door opener is sipping electricity as part of an overall energy saving plan (if you have one).

Genie TriloG 1200 – Other Improvements

What else is new with the TriloG 1200? It uses a dual frequency system, include’s Genie’s SmartSet™ programming and the latest multi-function wall control, and features a motion sensor to turn the up to 200 Watt light system on when you enter the garage.

Dual Frequency System – Also known as “Auto Seek,” this frequency hopping feature causes the opener to choose either the 315 or 390 MHz transmission frequency, depending on which one offers the least interference.

SmartSet™ – This easy-to-use programming feature allows for simple adjustments to speed, force and limits (when the garage door stops at the top and bottom of its cycle). No screw driver needed. Just use the clearly marked buttons to make simple adjustments.

Multi-Function Wall Control – The TriloG 1200 wall control goes far beyond the old doorbell-style button. There is an open/close button, of course, but there is also a separate button to turn the light on an off and another button to engage the Sure-Lock™ feature. Sure-Lock™ literally locks down the opener and will not allow it to be controlled by garge door remotes or the wall control. This is a nice feature to have when you go on vacation or leave for an extended period of time.

Motion Sensing Light Control – Another new and handy feature is the motion sensing light control built into the power head (the motor part that mounts to the ceiling). The motion sensor “senses” when you enter the garage and will turn on up to 200 Watts of light (2 bulbs up to 100 Watts each). NOTE: If you do more than just park your cars in the garage, think about adding extra or specialized garage lighting to help with crafting, project work, etc.

The only potential drawback to this system is that the sensor uses heat rather than motion to detect your presense. Consequently, if the air temperature in your garage is at or near your body temperature, the sensor’s range is reduced.

Genie TriloG 1200 Safety and Security

Most people are familiar with infrared garage door sensors that emit an infrared light across the garage opening near the bottom. If something or someone interferes with the beam of light, the garage door either won’t close or will stop and reverse to re-open if it has already begun the closing cycle.As with all Genie garage door openers, the Genie TriloG 1200 has standard safety features as well as some enhanced features not included on every Genie model. Safe-T-Beam® infrared garage door sensors and a manual door release are both standard.

What is not standard on all Genie models is GenieSense™ technology. That’s because it is exclusive to DC powered models. As discussed earlier, the GenieSense™ system constantly monitors door movement and will stop and reverse the garage door if it encounters a person or object.

In the security department, Genie has recently updated its Intellicode® remotes to newer Intellicode® 2 standards, which improve on encryption. This technology is common on most garage door openers in that it changes the transmission code after every use to keep would-be garage thieves from stealing your code.

Genie TriloG 1200 Garage Door Remotes

The TriloG 1200 comes with the newest Genie 3-button garage door remotes that are backward compatible with Intellicode® 1 remotes. This is important if you have an older Intellicode equipped Genie garage door opener operating one of your other garage doors.

The TriloG 1200 is also compatible with the HomeLink® and Car2U® home automation systems if your car is equipped.

Genie TriloG 1200 Consumer Reports

Because they are still new to the market, consumer feedback and reviews are not too common. The TriloG 1200 as well as the slighly more powerful Genie TriloG 1500 both look like very promising Genie models from a company with a good track record.

NOTE: DC power is measured in Newtons rather than Horsepower. The TriloG 1200’s power is roughly equal to a 3/4 HP AC powered motor.

Genie TriloG 1200 Garage Door Opener features:

Horsepower: 3/4 HP DC Lifting Force
Type of Drive: Screw
Light Source: 200 watt lighting system (Two 100-Watt bulbs, max.)
Security Features:

  • Intellicode® 2 Access Security system (rolling code remotes)

Safety Features:

  • Safe-T-Beam® infrared garage door sensors to stop and reverse the garage door when light beam is interrupted
  • GenieSense™ Constant Monitoring to reverse the door if an object or person is encountered
  • Manual Emergency Release for the garage door


  • Lifetime on the Motor and Screw Drive
  • 5 Years on Parts
  • 1 Year on Accessories
  • Consult the product warranty for details
  • Genie TriloG 1200 Owner’s Manual

Special Features:

  • Virtually maintenance-free screw drive
  • Powerful 3/4 HP DC motor and direct drive lifting system
  • 3-Button Intellicode® 2 garage door remotes
  • Dual Frequency Auto Seek system
  • Multi-Function wall console
  • SmartSet® Push-Button Programming
  • Motion detector and 200 Watt garage lighting system
  • Compatible with HomeLink® and Lear Car2U® systems


  • Additional Garage Door Remotes
  • Rail extension kit for taller garage doors

Genie TriloG 1200 Owner’s Manual

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