Garage Storage Solutions

“With the right tools and a little motivation,
you do just about anything…even organize your garage!”

The right garage storage solutions will help you organize your garage and reclaim one of the largest rooms in your home. Clear your clutter today!

Is your Garage an embarrassment?

If you are embarrassed to leave the garage door open for fear the neighbors will catch a glimpse of the endless array of “stuff” you’ve accumulated over the years, you need to make use of one of the many types of garage storage solutions that are available.

Start by using our garage organization recommendations: clear everything out of the garage and thoroughly clean the area; create piles of your “stuff” sorted by type, including Things to keep, Things to pitch, Things to donate, Things to sell, Things to repair, and Things that need put away somewhere else (not in the garage); then, be prepared to find homes for the “things to keep.”

Tools…It’s all in the tools!

Here are just a few solutions to keep your garage neat and organized as well as keeping your things close by and within reach:

– Curtain Rods: Simple curtain rods, the single or double type, and a few S-shaped hooks will help to keep your garage tidy. Using the S-hooks, you can hang garden rakes, mops, electrical cords, and garden hoses on the curtain rod, keeping them up and off the floor. If you use (and clean!) paint brushes and other painting supplies, put a drop cloth underneath the rod and hang your drying paintbrushes and supplies above the drop cloth. You can also install a shelf above the rod for storing paint cans.

– Hanging Buckets: This simple garage storage solution requires a few buckets of different sizes, a few hooks, a shelf, and two L-shaped brackets. Your buckets can be metal, plastic, wicker, or any material of your choice.

Hang the brackets and shelf on a free wall and screw heavy-duty hooks underneath the shelf spaced far enough apart so the buckets will hang freely. Fill your buckets and label them so you’ll know at a glance what is stored inside. This idea is great for storing gardening supplies, cleaning supplies for your vehicles (spray nozzle, car wash and wax, wash mitts, etc.), and other small items you want to keep all in one place. When you need to wash the car, for example, everything you need is in one bucket.

– Large Hooks: This universal solution can help eliminate the irritation of walking through your garage and tripping over large lawn tools like rakes and shovels. In addition to yard and garden tools, you can use large hooks to hang other flat items such as folding lawn chairs or winter recreation items (like sleds).

– Pegboards: Pegboard is one of the most common and popular garage storage solutions. This “essential” helps keep the garage from becoming cluttered and overrun with tools. Install pegboard over the garage workbench or on a free wall and use the endless variety of pegboard hooks to hang everything from hammers to screwdrivers to wrenches and flashlights.

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Need a little organizing help?

Click Here! if you need help organizing your garage, your home and your life. This helpful resource from gives you detailed, step-by-step instructions.

More Garage Storage Solutions

– Garage Shelving: Even the smallest of garages would benefit from a shelf or two. If your garage has barely enough room for the car, let alone any freestanding shelving, install a few shelves on the walls or on the ceiling above the car roof or the hood of the car. Overhead garage storage is one of the most creative garage storage solutions available, including garage overhead racks and shelves, garage hoists and lifts, etc.

– Stackable Plastic Totes and Bins: Stackable clear plastic totes and bins are the ideal garage storage solution for organizing and finding your stuff. Stackable plastic totes and bins fit neatly on shelves or they can be stacked atop one another on the floor. Unlike cardboard boxes, they won’t ever rip or fall apart if they get wet, and although many colors are available, clear ones make it easy to see the contents without opening each one to find what you need.

Garage Storage Cabinets: If you want to create the ideal garage environment, save your money and buy or build a perfect set of garage storage cabinets. The right storage cabinets will not only add extra storage space to your garage, they will help you reate a clean, clutter-free environment.

No room? Keep it somewhere else!

If all else fails or you just don’t have enough room in your garage for the stuff you actually NEED, consider building or purchasing a small storage shed. This will keep at least the gardening supplies out of your garage, freeing up space for more storage, or even another car (what a concept!).

The storage shed can be wooden, vinyl, or metal, and ideally, should be situated somewhere near the garage for easy access. Then use some of these garage storage solutions to keep your shed organized as well!

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