4 Things to Do Before Installing Garage Shelves

“The number one reason garages are so cluttered and unattractive is that
people hold onto things they no longer need.

Buying and installing garage shelves may seem like a quick solution to your garage organization and storage problem. However, if your garage is filled with lawn & garden equipment, sports gear, tools and work areas, an extra freezer and seasonal decorations, you may want to pause for a moment before spending your money.

If your car is currently parked outside the garage, starting and completing a garage organization project may be the best gift you ever gave yourself AND your car. After organizing your garage, a new set of garage shelves offer many benefits:

  • Increased storage capacity inyour garage
  • Storing things vertically rather than on the floor creates new, usable space in your garage
  • Clearing things from your garage floor creates a safer work space
  • A clean, well-organized garage improves productivity

…but, there are at least four 4 important things you must do before installing your garage shelves:

#1 – Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

The number one reason garages are so cluttered and unattractive is that people hold on to things they no longer need. If you have old, unused clothing, have a garage sale or donate it to your local Salvation Army.

You can include old knickknacks or unwanted furniture in your garage sale or donation pile as well. This is a great way to put those unneeded items to use and free up space in your garage before installing your garage shelves.


#2 – Separate Your “Keep” Items into Organized Piles

For the things you plan to keep, put like items with other like items. This will help you organize the things that you will be keeping in the garage so you can find them easily.

Having a place for everything also cuts down on future clutter. For example, good clothing that is being stored for the season should be kept together; holiday decorations should be kept together and so on. Once you have everything organized, you can move on to tip #3.

#3 – Give Your Garage a Good Cleaning

Before installing new shelves, use a broom to sweep down any cobwebs, wipe off all surfaces and sweep and mop your garage floor. If the floor is concrete, you may want to hose out the garage and use a push-broom to remove the extra water.

Leave the garage open for a while (preferably on a sunny day) so it can dry thoroughly before closing the garage door. Garage shelves are great, but installing them in a dirty garage defeats have the purpose of your project!

Food For Thought…

There are many garage flooring options you also may want to consider for a future project. If you have ever thought of installing garage floor mats, interlocking garage floor tiles or garage floor paint, this may be a great time to look at the possibilities.

#4 – Take Care of “Pest” Problems

If you have pest problems in your garage, now is the time to deal with it. It’s easier for an exterminator to get into a clean and tidy garage. Many people have problems with mice in the winter, snakes, squirrels or even raccoons visiting their garage…especially if any sort of animal food is kept in there! Take care of your problem now by purchasing your own pest repellant or hiring a professional to do it for you.

Whether you build your own or buy the ones you need, garage shelves make it easier to place your organized items back into the garage and onto the shelves knowing that everything is neat, tidy and organized!

Once you’ve done these 4 things, you’re ready to install your garage shelves. By eliminating the clutter and making your garage functional again, you can reclaim an important part of your life…peace!

Helpful Resources

Need a little organizing help?

With so many sizes, shapes, colors and materials to choose from, it’s pretty easy to meet your specific shelving needs. If you want to see a great selection of storage shelves, check out this page at Amazon.com. They have you covered from the walls to the ceiling.

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