Garage Sale Pricing Guide 4 Steps to Pricing for Garage Sale Success

The free Garage Sale Pricing Guide will help you get started, get organized, start pricing and dispose of what you didn’t sell. It will not only make garage sale pricing easier, it will teach you how to have a successful garage sale.

You can download the (almost) free ebook (click the image or link to your right) or read the online version at the bottom of this page. FYI, it’s $1.00 to download.

In this 24 page ebook, you get more than a list of prices. You will also find information to help you:

    • Decide why you are having a garage sale and remember to keep your goal in mind while pricing.
    • Choose the best sale days to maximize your time and effort.
    • Find out just when to do what in preparation for the big day (i.e. start pricing, put out the signs, set-up, etc).
    • Organize your stuff to maximize and encourage purchases, including the strategic placement of your FREE box! (What? You don’t have a FREE box?)
    • Find creative and effective ways to display the items you are selling.
    • Learn how to best display and package all those books, CDs, video games & VHS movies.
    • Prepare your cash box and find out how much money to have on hand for change, including bills vs. coins.
    • Learn what you can do with the stuff that doesn’t sell.

Garage Sale Signs — Best Practices

Some people don’t take marketing serious enough when planning their sale. The most important type of garage sale marketing is signage. In the Garage Sale Pricing Guide you will learn:

  • Why you need signs and where to put them.
  • Whether to buy signs or make your own.
  • What to do with your signs after the sale — very important.
  • What information to include on your signs.
  • Handy installation tips, including a reminder about rainy or windy weather.

Get the book now. (link to download the ebook – It’s “Pay What You Want!”)

If you prefer not to download anything, read the online version instead.

What else is in the Garage Sale Pricing Guide?

Pricing tips, of course! That’s what you really wanted help with, right?

Here are a few of the helpful tips inside:

  • General pricing considerations.
  • Where to look for values on the stuff you are selling.
  • Garage sale pricing psychology — what sells the best; how and why.
  • How to price your items — tags vs stickers, “all-for” tables and the like.
  • Negotiating tips and Tricks O’ the Trade.
  • Daily pricing strategies — yes, you can change prices from one day to the next.
  • And . . . a very detailed list of specific items and how you might want to price them. The list includes everything from clothing to household items, plus, VHS tapes (admit it, you still have some, right?) to furniture.

garage-sale-pricing-guideRemember: Anything you don’t sell has to go back into the garage or house, or it has to be hauled away to a thrift store. Worse yet, you may have to pay to have it hauled away (or do you? There is a better alternative that puts money in your pocket). When in doubt, refer to Step 1!

What’s Step 1? It’s in the Garage Sale Pricing Guide, and the book is only $1.00! Just click the link below to download your copy from Gumroad. Read the book to learn the Benefits and How-Tos of having a garage sale. It’s not just about making money. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Read the book!

REMINDER: If you do not want to download the ebook, read the online version immediately below.

Garage Sale Pricing Guide
Online Version

To read the online version, follow the links below to each section of the book. Or return to the main Garage Sale Pricing Guide page here.

Step 1: Getting Started!
Step 2: Getting Organized!
Step 3: Start Pricing!
Other Pricing Considerations
Tricks O’ the Trade
The Benefits of Having a Garage Sale
Step 4 (the last step at last): What to do With What’s Leftover
In Conclusion

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