Garage Door Prices: Insight on What Garage Doors Cost

“Your taste, style and the purpose of your garage door will determine whether you pay
$500 or $10,000 for a new door.”

Garage door prices are many and varied, and a lot depends on you. Your taste, style and the purpose of your garage door will determine whether you pay $300 to $500 for a basic door, or as much as $10,000 for a custom built, hand crafted carriage house door. Looking for a new garage door can wind up being a very reasonable or a very costly endeavor.

Prices also vary depending on the size of the garage door required and whether you are capable of installing the door yourself. A basic 8′ x 7′ non-insulated steel garage door that you install yourself will naturally cost less than a 16′ x 8′ custom wooden garage door that you have installed by a professional.

Garage Door Openers Add to Garage Door Prices

Garage Door PricesGarage doors cost more when you factor in the cost of one or more garage door openers. If you are replacing an existing garage door and you already have the garage door opener you want or need, it’s just a matter of installing the new door and attaching the existing opener.

While it may seem obvious to do so, some people may not ask their installer if garage door openers are included. Even if they do ask, they may not be very specific about what kind of opener is being installed. This is a BIG deal. Installing the best garage door opener for your needs is a very important step in this process. Do your homework before deciding.

7 Reasons to Consider a Replacement Garage Door Opener

  1. Safety
  2. Noise Consideration
  3. Garage Door Upgrade
  4. Keyless Entry
  5. Current Opener is Broken or Damaged
  6. Battery Backup
  7. Safety (yes, this made the list twice for a reason)

Learn more about why you should consider a replacement garage door opener.

Garage Door Prices for Most Applications

Leaving out the high-end options, garage doors cost, in general, from as little as $300 to around $3,000. A basic 1 car garage door is 8′ x 7′ and, if installed yourself, can cost from $300 to $500 without a garage door opener. This is typicall for a steel clad door that may include insulation.

For a basic 2 car garage door at 16′ x 7′, the cost goes up to between $800 and $1500. The most common doors in this category are steel clad, with or without insulation, and with or without windows. As expected, every option affects the final cost.

Insulated garage doors are a bit more expensive than their non-insulated counterparts, but they are well worth the extra money if the application calls for one. If the temperature where you live stays constant and comfortable all year long, you may not need an insulated door. For the rest of us (and that’s most of us), you really should consider the benefits of insulated garage doors.

How much do custom Wooden Garage Doors cost?

At the other end of the price range are custom built wooden garage doors and carriage house doors. These doors typically cost in the range of $2,500 to $3,000 with installation. The higher price is due not just to their installation, but also to the use of wood and the customization to suit your particular garage and home. Custom wooden doors often involve designs for garages requiring oddly sized and shaped doors.

Something to Remember: While custom wooden garage doors and carriage house doors attract customers due to their stylish natural look, they also require regular maintenance to prevent warping, cracking and other deterioration. Painting, staining and refinishing are important to preserve and protect a wooden door.

A Range of Garage Door Prices

In-between the high and low pricing extremes, you can find a wide range of garage doors to suit your pocket book and needs. For example, if you don’t choose a custom built door, but you need one that is wind rated, expect to pay $1,200 to $1,400.

Without the wind rating, a basic 16’ x 7’ 2 car garage door can be installed for about $1,000. Add another $300 to $500 for an installed garage door opener.

Carriage Style Garage Doors
Matching Your Garage Door Style to your home
Adds rather than Detracts from Value

Final Words

Choosing the right garage door for your home design and for your lifestyle, i.e., the way you use your garage, is a very important consideration when comparing garage door prices. Aside from the fact that a properly chosen door just makes you feel good, it also improves the function of your home.

If you use your garage for anything other than parking your cars, insulated garage doors can make the garage space more comfortable when using it for other purposes. You can also save a lot of money on heating and cooling costs. If your garage is adjacent to or under your home’s living space, quiet doors and garage door openers are also highly recommended.

Don’t overlook the largest entry to your home. A well chosen, attractive, quality garage door can add value to your home while you live there and if you every decide to sell.

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