Garage Ceiling Storage Simple, Practical Overhead Garage Storage Systems

“Add extra storage space to your garage and create
a clean, clutter-free environment.”

Delta El Greco Ceiling Hoist
Delta El Greco
Ceiling Bicycle Hoist

Garage ceiling storage is an often overlooked tool in your garage organization tool bag. Look up. Most garages have lots of unused overhead garage storage space that can mean the difference between parking outside and parking inside.

Once you finish your garage organization project, use these overhead garage storage tools and ideas to store seasonal clothing, camping gear, holiday decorations, bicycles, canoes, kayaks and more.

Try a Bicycle Hoist

Tired of tripping over bicycles, knocking them to the ground or moving them to get to something else? Lift your problem out of the way.

This common overhead garage storage solution is often overlooked. Bicycle hoists are inexpensive and easy to install. Learn more about using a bicycle hoist.

Overhead Garage Storage Shelving

Garage Ceiling Storage
HyLoft 540 45-Inch-by-45-Inch Overhead Storage System

If you want or need garage storage shelves but you don’t have room on the floor, look up. The garage ceiling is one of the most underutilized storage spaces in every garage.

By mounting garage shelving on the wall or ceiling, you can:

  • Dramatically increase the storage capacity of your garage
  • Clear your garage floor of potential tripping hazzards
  • Free space for hobbies, projects, home office and more
  • Make room to park your cars inside (what a novel idea)

Installation options include adding new garage storage space above the roof of your your car, on the wall above the hood or trunk of your car, above your garage workbench, etc.

Solutions are wide ranging, from simple and inexpensive HyLoft storage shelves (see picture), to higher end TuffRAX or MonsterRAX heavy-duty overhead storage systems. Learn more about overhead garage storage shelving and explore your many options.

Canoe Hoist or Kayak Hoist

Racor Heavy Lift Garage Ceiling Storage
Racor PHL-1R Pro HeavyLift
4-by-4-Foot Storage Rack

Store your canoe or kayak on the garage ceiling. It’s easy with a canoe or kayak hoist. Using ropes, pulleys, hooks and straps, you can lift your bulky canoe or kayak off the floor or the top of your vehicle and clear the clutter in your garage.

Another innovative solution is the Racor Heavy Lift Garage Storage system. This unique, 4 foot by 4 foot storage platform can be raised and lowered using a hand crank or cordless drill driver.

The Raco Heavy Lift can be used to store boxes, plastic storage bins, water skis or snow skiing equipment, or even a canoe or kayak. Explore more canoe hoist orkayak hoist options.

More Garage Organization Systems

From bicycles to truck canopies, boxes to sports equipment and even motorcycles, ATVs and cars, you can use a manually or electronically operated lift or hoist to clear the floor space in your garage. More common garage storage solutions include garage shelves, garage storage cabinets, workbenches and tool boxes.

For those with space in the garage attic, an attic ladder or loft ladder can also expand your garage storage capacity. Focus on your garage organization project first and eliminate everything you really don’t need. Then, when you know what you really want to keep, install efficient garage organization systems.

Overhead Garage Storage

WARNING! Don’t use your new garage storage space to store stuff you don’t need or use. Start with a garage organization project, eliminate your garage clutter, and then decide what to keep.  Once you know what you need to store you can decide what kind of garage ceiling storage systems you need (if you need any at all!).

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