Craftsman Garage Door Opener Model Specs, Reviews and Craftsman Manuals

“Every Sears garage door opener carries the Craftsman brand”

Craftsman 3043 – DC Garage Door Opener with Assurelink

The Sears Craftsman garage door opener line is a trusted brand that has been used for decades with many parts still available for even the oldest models. If you own a Sears garage door opener, it was likely made by Chamberlain and is available only at Sears.

Because Craftsman® openers are made by Chamberlain, the world’s largest garage door opener manufacture, there are many models and types to choose from. Craftsman models include chain drive, screw drive and belt drive openers with a wide variety of prices to fit every budget.

Two of the newest models are the Craftsman 3043 and 30437. Both are DC powered and include the Craftsman Assurelink® internet connection.

Craftsman Assurelink allows you to monitor, open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection. Your Assurelink-equipped Craftsman opener must be connected to the internet with an Assurelink internet gateway, your opener must be registered with the Assurelink service, and your smart phone or PC must have the Assurelink garage door opener app.

Craftsman’s Popular Features

Some of the most popular features of the Sears garage door opener line are:

  • Sold by Sears, a trusted brand
  • Wide variety of makes, models and prices
  • NEW DC powered models
  • NEW Craftsman Assurelink® internet connected models
  • Online ordering with available in-store pickup
  • Power up to 3/4 HP for the largest, heaviest garage doors
  • Security+® anti-burglary coding (rolling codes)
  • HomeLink® capatible
  • Extension kits for taller garage doors
  • Die Hard battery backup available on some models

Craftsman Garage Opener Models

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Models

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Models

Screw Drive Garage Door Opener Models

Craftsman Garage Door Opener Manuals

Visit the Craftsman garage door opener manual page for links to most manuals. We don’t have links to every model Sears ever made, but you will likely find what you need.craftsman-model-53918

Craftsman Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with
Die Hard Battery Back-up, Model 53918

Go here if you need a Manual for your Craftsman Opener

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