Craftsman Garage Door Opener Model 53930

“The Craftsman garage door opener model 53930 is equipped
with all of the safety and security features standard on other Sears models”

The Craftsman garage door opener model 53930 is a mid-level 1/2 HP chain drive garage door opener from Sears. It’s more like a Buick than a Chevy, but not a Cadillac. The same 1/2 HP motor used in other Sears models and the same rugged chain drive will get the job done for most single or double car garage doors. Before making your final decision, take a look at a 3/4 HP opener if you have a heavy carriage house door or solid wooden garage door.

The difference between this and other Sears garage door openers in the chain drive category is options. The basic model 53920 has few options, but is a good performer with a very attractive price tag. The higher end model 53985, on the other hand, is loaded with more options but costs a few dollars more. The mid-level Craftsman model 53930 has only one light of up to 100 watts, but includes two 3-button Security+® remote controls. The standard door controller doesn’t look like a doorbell button, but it isn’t the higher end model with motion sensing capabilities to turn on your garage light when you enter a darkened garage.

Craftsman Model 53930
Craftsman 1/2 HP Chain Drive
Garage Door Opener
Model 53930

The Craftsman garage door opener model 53930 is equipped with all of the safety and security features standard on other Sears models. Security+® rolling code remotes, infrared safety reversing sensors and PosiLock® garage door lock are all standard. Like the model 53920, the model 53930 carries a limited 4-year warranty on the motor.

Of the more than 50 consumer reviews on the Sears garage door opener site, more than 55% rated the Craftsman model 53930 with five out of five stars, and nearly 85% gave four or five out of five stars. Relatively easy installation, with some reusable parts from prior Craftsman models, was a frequent comment on the positive side. On the negative side, some consumers were disappointed that they could not use their old remote controls with the new opener.

NOTE: If you plan to install this garage door opener yourself, be sure to purchase the 8 or 10 foot rail extension kit for doors taller than seven feet. Sears does offer installation services and extended warranties for those who are interested.

Craftsman Garage Door Opener Model 53930 features

Horsepower: 1/2
Type of Drive: Chain
Light Source: 100 watts (max.) with 1 Light Bulb

Security Features:

  • Security+® anti-burglary coding that changes remote codes after every use
  • PosiLock® system to secure the garage door when it is closed

Safety Features:

  • Infrared safety reversing sensors to prevent the door from closing when anything is in its path
  • Manual door release capability


  • Limited 4-year warranty on the motor

Special Features:

  • Rugged chain drive
  • Security+® anti-burglary coding
  • PosiLock® system to ensure the door stays locked when it is closed
  • Standard control panel with LED light for night-time visibility
  • Two 3-Button remote controls


  • Keyless entry pad for use outside the garage
  • Additional Remote Controls
  • Rail extension kits for 8 foot and 10 foot high garage doors
  • Extended warranty Protection Agreement from Sears
  • Installation Service

Craftsman Garage Door Opener Manual

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