Craftsman 3043 3/4 HP Belt Drive DC Garage Door Opener

“AssureLink allows you to remotely monitor, open and close
your garage door using a smart phone or PC.”

Craftsman 3043 Garage Door OpenerThe Craftsman 3043 is a 3/4 HP belt drive DC garage door opener with battery backup and Internet acess. What?

Yes, Craftsman is one of the first brands to offer a garage door opener app that allows you to monitor, open and close your garage door with your iPhone, Android phone or PC.

The catch? It will only work with two current models: the Craftsman 3043 and theCraftsman 30437. These two Internet connected garage door openers are similar, but the 3043 is a belt drive opener and the 30437 is chain drive.

In 2011, Sears introduced two new DC powered openers with Craftsman AssureLink™ technology. AssureLink allows you to remotely monitor, open and close your garage door using a smart phone or PC. Liftmaster, the professionally installed line from Chamberlain, who also makes Craftsman garage door openers, has a similar feature called Liftmaster MyQ™ on two of its latest models.

The Craftsman model 3043’s belt drive lifting mechanism is very quiet and very strong. With its 3/4 HP* DC motor, the unit has plenty of power for modern garage doors, even the heavy solid wooden ones.

*DC power is measured in Newtons rather than horsepower. Power is comparable to a 3/4 HP AC motor.

What’s in the box? The power unit, rail and installation hardware, the motion-sensing wall control console for inside the garage, two 3-function garage door remotes, safety sensors, a wireless entry keypad, Internet gateway and theCraftsman garage door opener manual.

Craftsman 3043 Consumer Feedback

Although the model 3043 receives 4 out of 5 stars on the site, it’s not perfect. As of this writing, 23 out of 34 reviewers gave this model 4 or 5 stars and another 11 gave 1, 2 or 3 stars.

The most common problem? HomeLink compatibility. Pre-2008 automobiles and some newer models will not connect without an optional HomeLink repeater that adds $50 to your total price tag.

Two people also complained about the $19.99 annual fee for AssureLink. The first year of service is free and you have the option to continue using the service at $19.99 per year.

NOTE: The standard model is outfitted for a 7 foot tall garage door. For less than $50, Sears offers rail extension kits for 8 foot and 10 foot tall doors.

Craftsman 3043 Garage Door Opener features

Horsepower: 3/4 HP* DC Power (Comparable to 3/4 HP AC motors) w/Battery Backup
Type of Drive: Belt
Light Source: 2 Lights (100 watts maximum/light) with flexible light time delay

Security Features:

  • Security+ and Posilock® Technology: This is Craftsman’s latest 3 function garage door remote with rolling code technology and tri-frequency operation to limit the potential for interference. The Posilock® system ensures that the garage door remains locked every time it’s closed.
  • Protector System: The Craftsman 3043 features Protector System® infrared garage door sensors. This is the standard in garage door opener safety, with an invisible infrared light beam across the base of the garage door opening. If the light is interrupted, the door will stop and reopen, or not close at all if it is already open.
  • Manual Release Handle: This feature allows you to release the garage door from the track so it can be opened and closed manually
  • LCD Smart Motion Detecting Wall Console: The motion detector turns on the garage door opener light when you enter the garage. Time and temperature are displayed and a handy auto-close feature automatically closes your garage door after a pre-set number of minutes.
  • Wireless, Keyless Entry Keypad: Mounted outside your garage, this wireless keypad give you access by entering a code instead of using a garage door remote.

Special Features:

  • Craftsman AssureLink: Allows you to monitor and control the garage door opener using your smartphone or PC anywhere you have Internet access. Requires the AssureLink Internet Gateway. First-year registration and use is free, and then Sears charges a $19.99 annual fee for the AssureLink service. Learn more about Craftsman AssureLink technology.
  • Battery Backup System: The DieHard® battery backup system allows you to open and close your garage up to 20 times within 24 hours of losing power.
  • Reliability, Durability and Efficiency: The Craftsman 3043 is solidly built, carries a 10 year motor and 3 year parts warranty, and uses significantly less energy with its DC power plant.
  • HomeLink Compatible: Although this unit is “compatible” with HomeLink, that doesn’t mean it works with every HomeLink equipped vehicle. Unfortunately, many pre-2008 vehicles and some newer modes require an additional repeater, which costs about $50.
  • Soft Start and Stop: Another exclusive to DC openers, soft start and stop makes for a quiet garage door opener and reduces wear and tear on your garage door. If you have living space above or adjacent to your garage, this is a nice benefit.

Craftsman 3043 Warranty:

  • 10 Years on the Motor
  • 3 Year on Parts

Garage Door Opener Manual:

Craftsman 3043 Garage Door Opener Manual (PDF 12.8 MB, Opens in New Window)


  • Additional Garage Door Remotes
  • Various MyQ™ Accessories

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