Clopay Garage Doors Residential Steel and Wooden Garage Doors

“Clopay doors come in a variety of lines and styles for the residential market,
including steel garage doors and wooden garage doors.”

Clopay Steel Garage DoorsClopay Garage Doors, which is a subsidiary company wholly owned by the Griffon Corporation, have been manufactured since 1969, and are the most successful seller of garage doors in North America, at least to the residential market.

Clopay doors come in a variety of lines and styles for the residential market, including steel garage doors and wooden garage doors. The three lines of garage doors offered by the company are the Portfolio Line, the Wood Line and the Classic Line.

Clopay Garage Doors – Portfolio Line

The Portfolio Line offers several styles such as the Avante Collection Aluminum and Glass Garage Doors, the Coachman Collection Carriage House Garage Doors and the Grand Harbor Collection. The Gallery Collection of steel garage doors is also part of the Portfolio line, which offers an old fashioned, vintage style appearance. Insulation is optional for the majority of the garage doors in this line.

Clopay Wooden Garage Doors

The Wood Line offers a choice between the Reserve Collection Custom and Semi-Custom Wooden Garage Doors, which are handcrafted to suit customer preferences. Clopay also offers Classic Wood Garage Doors, which are handcrafted, raised and recessed panel doors. All of the Wood Line doors feature standardinsulated garage doors.

Clopay Steel Garage Doors

The Classic Line includes several options including the Premium Series, the Value Series and the Value Plus Series of steel garage doors. The Premium and Value Plus Series both feature insulation (three layer insulation for the Premium, two layer for the Value Plus Series). The standard Value Series does not come with insulation.

Clopay Wooden Garage Doors
Clopay’s Wood Line offers a variety of Custom and
Semi-Custom Wooden Garage Doors

Clopay Warranty and Safety

Clopay garage doors come with warranties generally lasting between 1 and 5 years. Safety features include step plates and grip handles for safe opening and closing of the doors, while the extension springs come complete with safety containment cables. Clopay’s garage doors are also equipped with their patented Windcode horizontal reinforcement to ensure the garage doors will be ready and able to withstand fierce weather.

Another Clopay innovation is the Safe-T Bracket® that is designed so it cannot be removed (under normal circustances) while the garage door is closed and tension is on the lift cable. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, learn more about garage door repair, and especially safety precautions, before attempting to repair or replace garage door hinges, rollers, torsion springs and extension springs, etc.

Garage Door Openers for your Clopay Door

Although Clopay does not manufacture garage door openers, most brands offer models that work well with Clopay doors. Before deciding on a brand or model, do a little homework to be certain you are buying the best garage door opener for your door.

Some garage doors are very lightweight, such as a non-insulated fiberglass doors. However, some are very heavy, such as a solid wood carriage house garage door. Choose the best garage door opener model for door type.

You should also consider the purpose and location of your garage before deciding on an opener. If you have an attached garage with living space above or adjacent to the garage, you might want to consider a quiet belt drive garage door opener. If your garage is detached or is not under or adjacent to living space, a strong and dependable chain drive overhead garage door opener may be the perfect choice.Screw drive automatic garage door openers are also very dependable and reasonably quiet.

With standard or optional features such as keypads, extra garage door remotes for other members of the family, open door monitors (that notify you if the door is open or closed no matter where you are in the house), lockout to keep the door from being opened while you are away, and various lighting options, it can be difficult to choose. Visit our garage door opener reviews page to help with your decison.


Clopay garage doors are some of the most affordable garage doors in North America, offering a quality product for a reasonable price. Clopay garage doors come in many lines and styles for the residential market, including steel garage doors and wooden garage doors. Learn more about Clopay garage doors.

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