Bicycle Hoist Simple, Practical Overhead Garage Storage

“Use garage ceiling storage space to easily store your bicycles out of the way.”

Install a bicycle hoist and take back your garage! Garage bicycle storage is typically an inefficient use of space with frustrating consequences.

Bikes take up a lot of floor area, tend to fall over when you move them, and often force people to park their valuable cars outside. Utilizing unused garage ceiling storage space is the answer.

Benefits of a Bicycle Hoist

There are many versions of the popular bike hoist, but they all allow you to store your bicycle overhead and clear the clutter on your garage floor. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Generally easy to install
  • Stores bulky bicycles off the floor and out of the way
  • Variety of sizes to store one or more bikes
  • Can be used to store other items on the garage ceiling
  • Most can be used to store all bicycle sizes
  • Flexible design for garage ceilings of varying heights
  • Inexpensive garage ceiling storage solution

A Bicycle Hoist is Easy to Install and Use

Most bike hoists require simple tools for installation. Typically, they can be mounted directly to the garage ceiling joists. For flexible positioning, you can mount a 2X4 or 2X6 to the ceiling and attach the hoist to the 2X material.

Flexible and Inexpensive Design

Nearly all bicycle hoists use a simple rope and pulley system to lift your bike or bikes into place. Because of their simple design, they are reasonably priced to fit most budgets. Most are designed to lift and store one bicycle, but some models are made to handle two or more bikes.

From children’s bikes to large mountain bikes, tandems, recumbents and more, this flexible garage bicycle storage tool can be used to store most bicycle types and sizes. They can often be used to store ladders or other bulky items off the floor, too.

More Garage Organization Systems

From bicycles to truck canopies, boxes to sports equipment and even motorcycles, ATVs and cars, you can use a manually or electronically operated lift or hoist to clear the floor space in your garage. More common garage storage solutions include garage shelves, garage storage cabinets, workbenches and tool boxes.

For those with space in the garage attic, an attic ladder or loft ladder can also expand your garage storage capacity. Focus on your garage organization project first and eliminate everything you really don’t need. Then, when you know what you really want to keep, install efficient garage organization systems.

Overhead Garage Storage
Use Efficient Garage Ceiling Storage Tools
to Clear the Clutter in Your Garage

WARNING! Don’t use your new garage storage space to store stuff you don’t need or use. Start with a garage organization project, eliminate your garage clutter, and then decide what to keep.  Once you know what you need to store you can decide what kind of garage ceiling storage systems you need (if you need any at all!).

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