Aluminum Garage Door

Pros and Cons of this Low Maintenance Garage Door

“Aluminum doors do not rust and perform well in corrosive environments,
like coastal communities.”

The aluminum garage door is popular with some homeowners due to its light weight, corrosion resistance and relatively inexpensive pricing. An aluminum door requires little maintenance and enjoys most of the benefits of steel garage doors.

If the aluminum door is manufactured with a layer of insulation, it can be an excellent choice for your overhead garage door, since it becomes almost as energy efficient as steel. Like all garage door materials, aluminum has its pros and cons. Consider the following when making your garage door replacement decision:

Advantages of an Aluminum Garage Door

  • An aluminum door is lightweight, making it easier to install. If you are planning to install the overhead garage door yourself, it will make the task easier for you. In addition, since a contractor will take less time and energy to install a lightweight aluminum door, he may charge less for the job.
  • Another benefit of aluminum’s lightweight nature is less strain on the torsion spring, garage door opener and other parts. If your opener quits working or you experience a power outage, a lighter door will be easier to open manually.
  • Aluminum does not rust and performs well in corrosive environments, like coastal communities. If you live in a coastal area, the non-corrosive nature of an aluminum garage door can lead to longer door life.
  • Aluminum is an eco-friendly metal and can be recycled.
  • An aluminum door can be embossed with a stylish texture, is paintable and comes in many styles.

Disadvantages of an Aluminum Garage Door

The major drawback of an aluminum garage door is that it will easily dent. Once your garage door is dented, it is hard to repair short of using auto body repair techniques.

If you know there is a high risk of denting on your doors, there are better choices. Things to consider include high winds, frequent hail storms, or kids playing in the driveway. When these conditions exist or there is a high probability of their existence, you may want to consider other options.

Other Garage Door Options

Other options include a steel garage door with nearly endless styles, durability and high “R” values in insulated models, wooden garage doors with their beauty and character, or even a fiberglass garage door. Although every garage door has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is wise to consider cafefully before choosing a model for your home.

You also have style to consider, including the limitations of every garage door material. A high-end, custom carriage house garage door will often be made of wood, although many manufacturers are getting pretty crafty with their use of other materials. Do your homework before choosing your next overhead garage door.


If you need a garage door replacement for your coastal home, an aluminum door is worth the look. Their lightweight, corrosion resistent properties are perfect for some environments.

For those living in areas subject to hail storms or high winds, or if you will have kids playing in the driveway, you may want to consider another material. Don’t sacrifice the comfort and energy efficiency of insulated garage doors, for example, just to save a buck or a few pounds. Make the right choice the first time and reap the rewards of your good decision in the long run.


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